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Upon your arrival, walk to the exit of Terminal One and look out for Charlie Chan, with his  Superman shirt.

Our journey begins from Belize City(cruise ship terminal). We drive forty three miles across Belize in a comfortable air conditioned Ford Econoline fourteen passenger van.

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As we drive out of Belize City your guide narrates the history of this beautiful country and points out important monuments.

You will get to see the immediate cultural beauty of Belize. As we drive to the Caves Branch River the vegetation changes from a mangrove swampland to a Pine forest savannah then to a broad leaf rainforest.


Once at the park we use bathrooms, change into our swim wear (bath suits, shorts, water shoe, etc.). your bag is then stored in the Ford van locker, and we provide you with waterproof headlamps, life jackets and Now with our NEW Tubes with headrest, bottom mesh,  handgrips and new raft hooks that will help make your tour experience better!!!!.

 Belize cave tours

The walk to the river is two minutes. We walk across the river using the rope that is tied there. You hike on the trails begins with tons of information about rainforest medicine, plants in bloom, and all sorts of horticulture plants you may have at home of office. We provide an ecological and Maya culture tour.

Charlie will identify and inform you of the medicinal plants his ancestors used for hundreds of years.

You can even try a termite!
 Belize Mayan ruins tours
They are minty delicious!

The Mystery Caves

cave tubing Belize City 

Once on the other side of the cave we gear up. The guide will help you with your tube, connect everybody so that we form a chain link and then the guide will float you underground and show you the amazing formations
in the cave.

Belize cave float trip

As we start floating into the caves it is time to click on the headlamp and enjoy the journey into the Maya Underworld.

 cruise excursion in Belize

With the help of your imagination, you will see the: Sphinx, Virgin Mary, Rodan the thinker, Kukulkan the Feathered Serpent, a jaguar, a jelly fish and many other formations.


 That’s the difference with Charlie’s Cave Tubing Tours.
un-Belize-able underground!

Belize cave tubing and ruins

We the Maya respect the caves because it represents the underworld. When we die, we travel through the underworld and have to accomplish the tasks that the gods give us to go to heaven. In our Maya religion we rise to heaven through the roots of the tree of life, (stalactites resemble the roots of the sacred tree).

Belize travel guide

After going through the caves we leisurely float to the rope where we crossed in the beginning of the hike.

Two minutes we walk back to the van and change into our dry clothes. Once you are ready we start our journey back to the city, journey in which you can take a nap and relax after traversing through the Maya underworld.

You got to see it to Belize it!

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